Smart Batch Systems Announces Patent Grant

Smart Batch Systems is pleased to announce the issuance of US Patent # 1069590

This patent protects many of our proprietary innovations, which include::

  • A fully automated, remote cementitious batching system 
  • Precise measurement of each component of a slurry by weight
  • Adjustable variable loading rate for each element during the batching process
  • Real-time monitoring of pump operations
  • Vibration damping of the load cells to further increase the accuracy of each recorded measurement
  • Permanent recording of each batch’s final composition and variance transmittable to offsite storage to allow for full quality and management control

Developed from the ground up to address issues commonly encountered during the mixing and delivery of poured slurries typically used for leveling and fire-rated underlayments, Smart Batch represents a marked improvement over previously available options. On-site batching has historically been a labor-intensive process, relying on crew members’ experience to deliver a finished product meeting specification. The Smart Batch pump eliminates guesswork, accurately records measurements by weight of each component per batch, eliminates repetitive labor, and reduces the amount of dust and waste on-site with direct dumping of bulk material.

From Smart Batch President and CEO, John Igo – “Smart Batch has changed our industry by automating and recording the process of mixing floor underlayments and other pumpable grouts. Our bulk technology eliminates waste and dust while increasing productivity with less fatigue and increased safety for the operators. The payback for this technology is tangible and obvious to those who use it.”

About Smart Batch Systems: A division of Compellier, Smart Batch Systems builds their innovative on-site batching solutions in Norman, OK. If you are interested in discovering how their patented technology can help you deliver precisely batched and recorded slurries on-site, please contact them on the web at or by phone at 844-405-3676.

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